You intuitively KNOW that by harnessing what is within, you will be able to enrich your experience and enjoy a life you love.

You will be given guidance on your unique healing path, as well as the support and tools you need to thrive in life. Imagine being empowered, impassioned and inspired…

Everything is energy and interconnected.
You will come to understand your Four Dimensions of Being:

Circle of Holistic Living

Being Circle Design by Niso

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Embody Mindset, Life Coaching,
Hatha Yoga

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Discover Breathwork,
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Yin Yoga

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Explore Akashic Records,
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Hatha Yoga

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By working on one part of your Being you encourage healing on all other aspects of the Self.

There are endless awakenings into embodying your soul purpose, moving confidently in the world with clarity, and enjoying authentic heart-centred relationships:

Personal Sessions
Group Classes
Corporate Workshops

These are your pathways forward. We all learn the way on the way.

Much Love, Gratitude and Living xx

Rebecca Gallegos

It has given me the confidence to go back to gym classes.

Sofija has helped me to get my body moving again in a supportive and encouraging environment. I have fibromyalgia, and wanted a trainer who understood my limitations and could educate me on the types of movements that my body would respond to. I didn’t want a PT to just smash me – that’s how I ended up with injuries that triggered my fibromyalgia. We’ve been able to create a consistent exercise pattern that has given me the confidence to go back to gym classes. Even during COVID-19 we have kept up the weekly sessions via zoom. I’m grateful!

Rebecca G.
National Communications Advisor
Healius Limited

Elizabeth Rush

Sofija is highly knowledgeable and intuitive.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be taught Pilates and Yoga by Sofija. Sofija’s attention to detail and simple communication style has enabled me to improve my Pilates and yoga practice as well as my overall well-being in a short space of time. Sofija is highly knowledgeable and intuitive. Acutely aware of others needs and capabilities. I admire Sofija’s commitment to personal growth, curiosity to learn and ability to inspire and respectfully challenge others to reach their potential – through the physical body, mind and soul. A true example of how powerful human connection and coaching can be when choosing to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

Elizabeth R.
Senior Change Manager

I have seen a noticeable difference in my overall appearance, strength and flexibility.

Sofija has been my Reformer Pilates instructor for six months and, in that time, I have seen a noticeable difference in my overall appearance, strength and flexibility. It’s nice when friends and family comment on the changes too. If you want to lose weight, tone up, increase strength and be your ‘best self’ then get in contact with Sofija. As a highly trained fitness instructor, nutritionist and wellbeing educator, Sofija will tailor her approach to your needs and work at the level of mind, body and spirit to achieve positive transformation.

Belinda M.
University Lecturer

Robyn Heras

Feeling so much better than when I arrived.

One of the most demanding issues we have been faced with in 2020 is surviving in this environment – surviving with our spiritual, mental and physical health intact. In this environment I have welcomed so much my Hatha Yoga/Meditation and Reformer Pilates classes with Sofija and an opportunity to feel that stillness and calm she leads us with, contributing greatly to my mental and physical health and wellbeing during these difficult times. I leave these classes reconnecting with a deeper sense of calm and stillness and with renewed energy. I continue thanking Sofija for her skill, commitment and dedication to our health and wellbeing and playing such an important part in contributing to our life force at this point in time.

Robyn H.
Adult and Cultural Educator

Having Sofija in your corner as your coach in all aspects is a true gift!

As someone used to working in high paced roles in a demanding industry, I was used to ignoring any physical or mental discomfort and cues to ‘keep on keeping on’, so this whole Being concept was something I’ve always struggled to prioritise as it didn’t seem as “action” focussed as I was used to. Sofija’s wealth of knowledge has been instrumental in allowing me to explore all aspects of myself, enabling me to be stronger both mentally and physically than I’ve ever been before, and to feel very connected to myself and to the world around me. I now practice Online Mat Pilates and Mindfulness with Sofija, which have helped me maintain the work/life balance I’ve always strived for, as well as providing a valuable community of likeminded people I can interact with both during and outside of classes.

Sofija truly cares about her students and has provided support and advice that goes beyond the classroom, including providing advice on nutrition and career which has been intuitively offered when I needed it the most. Having Sofija in your corner as your coach in all aspects is a true gift, with her intuitive care and professional knowledge uniting to provide the advice you need when you need it.

Jenna C.
Head of Reserving

I cannot control life, I can control the experience of my life.

I met Sofija when attending the Body Shapers’ Women’s Wellness Retreat in the Hunter Valley and I can say wholeheartedly that I am so grateful our paths have crossed. She is knowledgeable, professional, encouraging, approachable and truly inspirational – and that is all from being with her for just one weekend! I had started my personal growth development, firstly by joining the Body Shapers to lose a bit of weight and get my fitness back, but I then realised I needed to work on my emotional wellbeing also. I began my journey by listening to books and podcasts but I really needed some personal interaction to cement what I had been learning – and Sofija did just that! From her Yoga/Meditation sessions, to “The Four Dimensions of Being” and “Mindfulness” workshops I have not only learnt to understand the deeper meaning of my whole Being but to relax and regroup and introduce Mindfulness into my everyday routine. I have so much more to learn and explore and hope Sofija will continue to guide me on my journey.

Pamela W.
Weir Admin Services Pty Ltd

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